R Coulson, Competitive Rider

I attended a Confident Rider Workshop in September 2012 and this is the result: Henry and I did our first prelim a few weeks back and despite the deluging rain and forgetting my test (the gound did not open up and swallow me up!!)) we still managed to come away with a third! So I am trying to keep up the tests every couple of weeks and of course all that positive thinking. Also, today we are starting jumping again for the first time in quite a few months and instead of dreading it I am really excited about it!!

Thank you IRS for all your suport throughout the course. Vicky and Frances make a great team and I cannot believe how they both have
revolutionised my riding.

Keep up the good work and good luck with Your Horse Live!!

S Eggleton, Equine Travel Agency

I came to Vicky at IRS for some sessions I think at the end of 2010 as I wanted some help with my nerves and emotions regarding competing, to try to help me to perform better.

In 2011 my bay mare Nachtigall and I finished the BE eventing season as top BE100 horse and rider in the whole country – in our first season! We also qualified for the British Eventing BE100 Grassroots Championships at Badminton 2012 – which has now been postponed to 2013. William Fox-Pitt presented 2 British Eventing trophies to me at the Event Riders Association ball in January of this year (2012), for 2011 top foundation point horse and top foundation point rider.

In 2012 we moved up to Novice, and I started competing a new horse Iron Maiden. We are just finishing the 2012 season, and have had numerous fantastic results, and now Nachtigall is almost out of Novice she has so many points. She has two qualifications for the Novice regional finals for next year. Next weekend I am taking both mares to our first CIC* international FEI competition. To my great surprise I think it is very likely that the 3 of us will start competing at Intermediate level next season – something that I never thought that I would do in my 40s!

I am absolutely sure that the sessions I had with Vicky at IRS have been extremely influential in our success. I no longer suffer from the self-doubt or the nerves that were so crippling. And furthermore, when I do have success I enjoy it to the full, feel proud of both myself and my horses, and do not feel embarrassed or unworthy. I enjoy every second of competing my horses, and if I do ever have any worries I still think back to our sessions to help me overcome them.

I have recommended IRS and their services many times, and will continue to do so.

M Davenport, Teacher

After my one to one session with Vicky I was amazed at the difference in my attitude to both my riding ability and to Daisy my horse. Vicky helped me to delve along way back to my childhood to challenge beliefs that I had held for a long time and that had in turn had a detrimental effect on my confidence. She also pointed out the importance in being herd leader which proved to be very successful with my rather dominant mare. Just by setting a few ground rules and sticking to them Daisy is far more respectful and I am more confident on the ground which has a positive effect on my riding. I have competed and attended clinics with her and I am now jumping 85cm with confidence and most of all I am looking forward to and enjoying these events. I am looking forward to cross country when the weather permits and have the safe knowledge that if I begin to falter I can contact Vicky for reassurance. I would recommend NLP to anyone who is finding that their fears and lack of confidence are hindering their enjoyment with their horse and at the ripe old age of 53 I can say that it is never too late to try something new!

L Hickin, Retired GP

Thank you both so much for the fantastic 2 day Confident Rider Course in February. I have already managed to make changes to my riding life. Frances - you helped me look at my horse in a new way, and I think I'm well on the way to speaking the language of Equus. Setting boundaries and being consistent in my approach on the ground is paying great dividends for my riding, and we have been making great progress. Vicky - your skills and experience have given me ways to manage my anxiety that really work consistently, and I'm continuing the visualisation and NLP techniques. We had a frightening experience at the weekend with a large loud motor-bike revving up in a garage next to the road, Toby was naturally freaking out but I dealt with it so much more calmly than previously. You make a terrific team, delivering the course intelligently and humorously, packing an enormous amount into 2 days. I would highly recommend anyone wanting to ride more intelligently to sign up, whether you have confidence problems or not.

M Phizacklea, Equine Veterinarian

I was very sceptical when I signed up for the Confident Rider Course, yet I was struggling so much that I really felt I should give it a go. I'd had a bad fall and damaged my ankle and that's all I could think about whenever I wanted to ride. We had lectures in the morning, followed by group work in the afternoon. I can't honestly say what changed or which technique helped the most, but I went home and persevered with the techniques I'd learned - all I know is it was money well spent. I'd recommend the course to anyone struggling with confidence. Vicky and Frances put 100% into the course and I now have a different attitude to riding and am finally enjoying my horse again.

J Davey, Student

I would just like to say a huge THANK YOU for all the help, advice and support you offered me on your Confident Rider Course. I really enjoyed my three days with you and definitely feel that I have benefited from your techniques. I do feel more confident now and am just waiting to put it into practice. I think you and Frances have helped me a lot and I would certainly recommend you both to my friends. Thank you once again for your warm welcome and kind hospitality and special thanks to Frances.

E Thorne, University Student

I just wanted to say thank you again for the course it was really interesting and helpful, especially in an event that happened a couple of days ago. I was on a hack with a couple of friends and we were trotting along a field when one of the horses got too excited and started to go sideways and backwards. However, there was a ditch filled with water behind and the horse slid backwards into it with her rider. The rider managed to scramble up from the ditch but the horse was stuck. Long story short we had to call the fire and animal rescue service to get her out and spent 6 hours in A&E. Luckily both horse and rider are fine and are resting for a few days. It was a very terrifying ordeal but when it happened I used the breathing exercises you taught me and used my anchor in order to focus on calming myself and everyone down and concentrating on what needed to be done. So thank you so much for your help.

R Seal, Olympic Construction Committee

Both my husband and I recently attended the 3-day Confident Rider Course. The course helped us make decisions about horse ownership and the opportunities there are to have the makings of a successful partnership if you can look beyond your own needs. It was certainly a journey of discovery for us individually and as a couple. We feel a little high and dry not having a pony of our own to work with but that will come in time and after attending the course we know it will be worth the wait.