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Your Horse Live Event November 2012 v1

Here's Vicky (with Frances to the right) speaking at the Your Horse Live Event at Stoneleigh Park in November 2012.  They were invited to speak at the Improve Your Riding section, talking about NLP can improve the way we ride by using tools that improve the use of our internal dialogue, unconscious communication to our horse and body language and posture.

Autumn Newsletter Page 1

Wow, I can't believe how quickly those last 3 months have flown by.  Here's the latest edition of our newsletter.  I hope you enjoy it.  Feel free to comment, make suggestions, send in your own articles and photos.

Autumn Newsletter Page 2

Here's page 2 of our Autumn Newsletter - enjoy!

How to 'feel' the movement

If you've never come across Heather Moffett before, here's a great clip of her talking about how to feel the movement of the horse and how even the slightest movement from you, can make a difference to your horse.  I went on a couple of Heather's workshops years ago and loved every minute.  I learnt huge amounts from her about how to sit correctly and how to feel the horse under me.  Enjoy!

Summer Newsletter 2012 Page 1

Here's our 2012 Summer Newsletter, a little later than anticipated.  It lists the GB Equestrian Team as well as horsey news and events.  We hope you enjoy the read.

Summer Newsletter 2012 Page 2

Here's page 2 of our latest newsletter.

Who's Going To Greenwich?

Are you lucky enough to have tickets for the Equestrian events at Greenwich?  Here's a short video clip of one of the test events, so that you can see what the main arena looks like.  Despite the divide amongst residents, there's no denying it's a very impressive backdrop.  Each time I drive through Blackheath there are more and more marquees and fences being erected.  I'm lucky to have gained tickets for one of the dressage days.  Now all I have to think about is ...

2008 Hoys Quadrille Champions

I thought I'd share this with you all as I just found it on YouTube.  This is a video of the Horse of the Year 2008 Quadrille Champions - Moat View Riding Club, with our very own Frances Wilson.  This amazing team won several times at the Horse of the Year Show and their fantastic costumes are a spectacular sight.

Our modern day freak show!

Three years ago I watched a programme called Horizons which highlighted the pain and suffering of our pedigree dogs. Up until this point I was completely ignorant to the fact that dogs are bred purely for human vanity and their welfare doesn't come into the equation. I was shocked and horrified, to the point where my next dog was going to be a deliberately bred healthy version of what I loved - bulldogs. I opted for an American Bulldog - a longer legged, longer snouted version of the sq...

Our latest newsletter

Here's page one of our second newsletter.  Page 2 will be posted next.  Your feedback is always welcome, so let us know what you think.  If you want to include something in our next newsletter, drop us a line.  Happy reading and happy riding!

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