Performance Coaching

You want it so badly and you know you can do it. You know your horse can do it. Yet something inside keeps holding you back.

With our specialist Performance Coaching service, we can help you figure out what holds you back and, more importantly, help you deal with it so that you can reach your full potential.

Our proven techniques are blended in a way that is unique for you, ensuring you gain optimum benefit from the sessions.

You may be running beliefs that you're not good enough to win, or that you don't deserve to do well.

You may be an absolute perfectionists, creating so much pressure on yourselves that you become anxious and tense and therefore, you don't perform at your best.

Imagine what it would be like to truly believe in your ability and to really 'go for it' when competing. Instead of anxiety, pressure and tension, imagine excitement, exhilaration and just how good it feels to win.

As seen in British Dressage and Your Horse magazines!

Our 1:1 Performance Coaching service can set you free from the boundaries you place around yourself.

Using a unique blend of powerful techniques, you can quickly deal with whatever is holding you back and start to improve your performance.

Each hour long session costs £75. It usually takes between 4-6 sessions to overcome the issues that hold you back, although you will start to notice a difference from the very first session.


I came to Vicky at IRS for some sessions I think at the end of 2010 as I wanted some help with my nerves and emotions regarding competing, to try to help me to perform better. In 2011 my bay mare Nachtigall and I finished the BE eventing season as top BE100 horse and rider in the whole country – in our first season! We also qualified for the British Eventing BE100 Grassroots Championships at Badminton 2012 – which has now been postponed to 2013. William Fox-Pitt presented 2 British Eventing trophies to me at the Event Riders Association ball in January of this year (2012), for 2011 top foundation point horse and top foundation point rider. In 2012 we moved up to Novice, and I started competing a new horse Iron Maiden. We are just finishing the 2012 season, and have had numerous fantastic results, and now Nachtigall is almost out of Novice she has so many points. She has two qualifications for the Novice regional finals for next year. Next weekend I am taking both mares to our first CIC* international FEI competition. To my great surprise I think it is very likely that the 3 of us will start competing at Intermediate level next season – something that I never thought that I would do in my 40s! I am absolutely sure that the sessions I had with Vicky at IRS have been extremely influential in our success. I no longer suffer from the self-doubt or the nerves that were so crippling. And furthermore, when I do have success I enjoy it to the full, feel proud of both myself and my horses, and do not feel embarrassed or unworthy. I enjoy every second of competing my horses, and if I do ever have any worries I still think back to our sessions to help me overcome them. I have recommended IRS and their services many times, and will continue to do so.

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