Confidence Coaching

Are you a nervous rider, maybe afraid to ride alone or have you had a fad fall?  After negative riding experiences, your mind can create limiting beliefs about yourself as a rider. These beliefs have emotions such as fear or anxiety attached to them that can influence your behaviour, causing you to tense up when riding.

This tension is communicated directly to your horse through your body language, causing your horse to be on his toes as he imagines danger lurking around the corner, because of your tension. He may spook at the slightest thing, confirming your limiting beliefs about riding and so creating a downward spiral of emotions.

The good news is that our equestrian coaching provides a powerful solution to help you eliminate the limiting beliefs, freeing you from any fear and anxiety and helping you to enjoy riding again.  Whether you want to start competing, or jumping, or you simply want to hack out alone - these techniques work.

We use proven techniques including:

-  NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
-  Time Line Therapy
-  Memory Re-Solution
-  Coaching
-  Hypnotherapy
-  Psychotherapy

These techniques rebuild your confidence and belief in yourself, creating motivation to all of the things you dreamed of as a child: galloping along beaches, cantering across open fields, exploring the countryside on horseback, jumping a x-country course, competing in a dressage test.

These were all of the things that Vicky, founder of Inspirational Riding Solutions, dreamed of doing since her teens.

After working with these amazing techniques, she fulfilled all of her lifelong dreams. She may not have the best jumping position (as you can see), but she definitely has lots of fun. She now helps other nervous riders enjoy their horses and live their dreams.

As seen in British Dressage and Your Horse magazines!


After my one to one session with Vicky I was amazed at the difference in my attitude to both my riding ability and to Daisy my horse. Vicky helped me to delve along way back to my childhood to challenge beliefs that I had held for a long time and that had in turn had a detrimental effect on my confidence. She also pointed out the importance in being herd leader which proved to be very successful with my rather dominant mare. Just by setting a few ground rules and sticking to them Daisy is far more respectful and I am more confident on the ground which has a positive effect on my riding. I have competed and attended clinics with her and I am now jumping 85cm with confidence and most of all I am looking forward to and enjoying these events. I am looking forward to cross country when the weather permits and have the safe knowledge that if I begin to falter I can contact Vicky for reassurance. I would recommend NLP to anyone who is finding that their fears and lack of confidence are hindering their enjoyment with their horse and at the ripe old age of 53 I can say that it is never too late to try something new!

M Davenport Teacher